”The truth is as plain as the nose on your face”. The nose should be in harmony with your facial features, if its not, no matter what is its shape and size it will catch attention irrespective of beautiful expressive eyes and a bright smile on your face. Profound dissatisfaction with ones nose which is not in sync with the rest of the face can lead to negativity and affect emotional and psychological well being.

A few fast facts about Rhinoplasty commonly known as nose reshaping and nose job which one should know before opting for this surgery are as follows:

The length of the surgery is usually 1 – 3 hours.

It is done under local anesthesia and intravenous sedation or general anesthesia.

The length of stay at the hospital is usually 1 day.

The recovery period is 7-10 days after which the patient can go back to work.

External scars are absent in case of closed procedure.

Risk and complications are present but are quite unlikely to happen if you have chosen an experienced and rigorously trained surgeon.

To conclude would like to say that the skill and the aesthetic sense of a plastic surgeon is the key to achieve the desired results.

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The district lies in the central plains of the state with its unique features of having dual cultures of the north and the south of the state. The prominent towns in this district are Harihara, Harapanahalli, jagaluru, Honnali and Channagiri; these also happen to be its five other taluks. It is bound by Shimoga District and Haveri District on the west, Chitradurga District on the east, Bellary District on the north and Chikmagalur district on the south.

Kannada is the major language spoken.The Kannada particular to Davangere has mild regional influences. Besides, Marathi is also spoken by a sizeable Maratha population. Deccan Urdu is spoken by the Muslim community. Hindi and English is understood and spoken for communication with people from other states.This reflects the presence of a sizeable student population, hailing from across India. Davangere is quite popular with medical and dental students from neighbouring states especially Andra Pradesh.

Davangere benne dosa is arguably the most well known contribution to the culinary world and it has found a well-deserved place in the menu cards of all well-known restaurants in Karnataka. There are a few restaurants in Singapore and USA that serve this specialty of Davangere. The second most popular snack eaten by the local population is spiced puffed rice called 'Nargis Mandakki' especially eaten with hot chilli Bhaji . Another unique sweet dish called “Guladiki unde" is quite popular.

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